Oval overseas Ltd. is dedicated to providing qualified Human Resources in the fields of engineering and architecture, IT, telecommunication, healthcare, banking, etc. Oval overseas Ltd. is one of the most trusted recruitment agencies in Bangladesh.

Job Categories
Professionals Skilled
Civil Engineers Construction supervisors/Overseers Welders (Gas/Gas)
Electrical Engineers Foreman (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
Mechanical Engineers Plant Operators (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
Electronic Engineers Earth Moving/Construction of Equipment Operator
Telecommunications Engineers Electricians (L.T & H.T)
Architects/Planners Mechanists/Toolmakers/Turners
Specialists Doctors Carpenters/Cabinet Markers
General Physicians Steel Fixers
Surgeons Scaffolders
Chartered Accountants Masons/Tile fixers/Plasterers
Cost Accountants Plumbers/ Pipe Filters
Mechanics (Air Conditioning/Heavy /Light Equipment)
Draughtsman (Electrical/Mechanical/Civil)
Hotel Personnel (Waiters/ Cooks/ Bakers/ Front Office Personnel Etc.
Computer Operators
Garments/Textile/Jute Workers
Semi-Skilled Un-Skilled
Carpenters/Shutters Laborers
Mason/Helpers Cleaners/Sweepers
Concrete Mixer Operators Agriculture Laborers/Farmers
Pump Operators/Helpers Watchmen/Guards
Helpers (Electrical/Mechanical/Erection) Airport Loaders
Block Makers/Assistants Cooks Industrial Laborers
Tailors/ Tailor Helpers
Laundry/Washer Man
Shop Assistants