Recruitment Procedure

The valued Employer once decides to use our service; followings are the prerequisites that should be prepared by the Employer:
Demand Letter:

This letter should be made in favor of Oval Overseas Limited and should be duly attested by Bangladesh Mission at that Country. The Demand Letter should contain, Categories of workers, Salaries and other terms and conditions.

Power of Attorney:

This Power of Attorney should be made in our favor, authorizing us to handle all procedure in regard to recruitment.

Consular Letter:

This letter is specially required if recruitment are for Saudi Arabia. The employer will mention in the letter appointment of us as their agent to act on Employers behalf to carry our all formalities in regard to visa, the consular letter should have the visa number and date of its issuance in the letter.

On completion of above formalities phase 2 or our part begins which is briefed below. Recruitment Permission:

  • Obtain recruitment permission from concerned department.
  • Advertisement
  • Advertisements are made at local dailies in order to have the very best of workers
  • Collection of CVs
  • CVs are collected from interested workers
  • Short Listing Candidates
  • From the mass selection a short list are made selecting the quality ones

We shall arrange venue for conducting final interview according to job categories.


We prefer selection of candidates through the employer’s representatives. However, if we are entrusted with the responsibility, we can assure of proper and prompt selection in accordance with the employer’s specific requirements.

Trade Test:

Trade Tests are carried out, if required, for certain categories supervised by professionals/ instructors. Oval Overseas has an agreement with a government recognized technical institute whose facilities are always available.